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Fenway restaurant that seemed like it would never open finally opens

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Westland, where Symphony 8 used to be, has finally opened, years and years after it was supposed to.



Who has the money to buy a liquor license and then pay rent on a restaurant for six *years* while generating zero income?

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And at what became his annual apology meetings with the licensing board, he always noted what a drain on his income this place had become.

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He warehoused this license for years, probably so that he could use the loss on his taxes to offset the income from his other establishments. The city should have yanked his license long ago.

That this was allowed to happen is yet another sign of the complete dysfunctionality of the mayor’s liaison to our neighborhood .

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Was because the tail wags the dog in that MA tells Boston how many licenses it can have.

This is why I rewarded Pressley with a vote in November. This license business is so stupid, I voted (expletive) Democrat. Soak that in.

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Not quite the neighborhood joint I envisioned. Sixteen-dollar burgers might fly on Symphony nights, but seems a tad upscale for that location.

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