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Fields Corner movie house shuttered since the 1970s could be reborn soon as a neighborhood events and arts space

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the new life for the old Dorchester Theater on Park Street.

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I wish they had done this with historic Seville Theater in East Boston which was once elegant inside with a midnight blue, star-studded ceiling. It too sat vacant since the 70s. Instead they razed it to the ground a few years ago and erected luxury condos which are very indistinct to look at.

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I rode the bus every morning by that building when it was being torn down. At one point half of it was gone but you could see half of the auditorium.. it looked stunning.

they really don't make them like that anymore..

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at least on the ground floor. I don't remember what came in after Radio Shack closed.

Also, I recall going to a movie there in the 1980s, so the reporter may want to recheck the closing date. I think I saw "Bull Durham", in a second-run showing. That movie came out in 1988, so it's even possible that this theatre survived into the early 90s. By this time, the theatre's name had changed to "Park Cinema 1&2".

This one and the Village Cinema in West Roxbury were the final local neighborhood movie theatres to close within the city of Boston. I don't remember anymore which one was last.

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The main auditorium has been divided into 2 levels with a massive concrete floor/ceiling. It's now basically a 2 storey windowless bunker with poor access. If an arts organization can convert this to a creative use, everyone comes out a winner.

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It was reopened during the early to mid 80's.
Watched plenty of Prince movies there.

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