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Finally, that Middle Eastern/Mexican fusion you've been hankering for

Falafel King on Tremont Street downtown will soon be sharing space with Taccos Arabas, which will offer such dishes as shawarma tacos, Boston Restaurant Talk reports.



Whoever suggested this idea is a very, very bad man.


Throw in some Soul Food and you have the culinary equivalent of Dick Dale surf music.


Taco arabes are popular in Puebla; I'm excited to try these.



Tacos al pastor are more or less the descendant of tacos arabes. Angela's Cafe in East Boston (which has a definite focus on Pueblan cuisine, since that's where Angela is from) offers both.

Lebanese represent

If you think about the history of trade and migration, Middle East cuisine and Mexican cuisine are already complex fusion cuisines. Mexican cuisine already has Arab ancestry (spices came across North Africa to the Moors, who controlled Spain during the period running up to Spain’s expansion into the New World...


Pretty sure unless you're an ultra-isolated group living entirely off the land, your cuisine probably includes a whole bunch of stuff that didn't originate in the area you're from.


The history of human migration, discovery, trade, and conquest is pretty much on your dinner plate every time you eat.

El Triunfo has had a Falafel Burrito for at least a decade.


And Nachlo is a purpose-built restaurant just for this cuisine.

Great place

Was just going to make the same comment, basically! I walk by there everyday. Ali Baba is great; haven’t tried El Triunfo.

Nachlo a Parkistani-Mexican place recently opened on Tremont about a block up from the Roxbury Crossing T stop

I hope the tacos are up to snuff, because IMO Falafel King is some of the best falafel in the city...

Love Falafel King, if I forget to bring a lunch I usually go there. I like the experience of chomping on a falafel held in one hand, while paying for the sandwich with the other.

Falafel king is MY king.