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First two new Red Line cars now in Boston

New Red Line cars

The MBTA reports the first of the new Red Line cars arrived at the T's Cabot Yard in South Boston yesterday.

These "pilot" cars, which came from a CRRC factory in China, will now undergo months of testing, at first on the re-assembled Track 61 towards the Seaport before they might show up on actual Red Line tracks for more testing before even more cars arrive for more testing and, finally, actual service. The T hopes to replace the entire superannuated Red Line fleet by the end of 2023 - with the cars assembled in CRRC's factory in Springfield.

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...if I don't hold my breath until the day when I actually get to board one of these

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That the doors work when you finally do board one.

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Are a feature. Otherwise riders would get confused by the difference from the current fleet and its non-working doors.

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Do we pay extra for that?

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I could care less. Nobody is being held accountable at Mass transport. That should be the leading T news story each and every day until Baker changes his tune. When there's a major accident on the T, which is just a matter of time given the circumstances, Poftak will be fired, Pollack & Gov will claim they didn't know about the situation, and Grant Thornton will be hired by Pollack & Gov to try to exonerate Pollack & Gov. These are dangerous times in Boston

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These are too good for the likes of us, the 40 yr old re painted bluebird are ours 4 evah.

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If we don't complain loudly about the incessant beeping the whole time the doors are open, we're going to get stuck with it for the next 50 years.

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Hope the MBTA has a security plan in place to make sure their new trains are safe from vandals.

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They look ravishing.

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And exactly when are the fares going to hike astronomically for the same shitty service?

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