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Fitchburg Line riders not at all festive, something wrong on the line makes them restive

Bad news for people heading to Fitchburg this holiday morning: The T canceled train 2403 out of North Station and, after first telling passengers, woopsies, go take an Uber or something, decided to dig up a shuttle bus for the long ride out to Wachusett. The T is also telling passengers who'd hoped to take 2406 out of Wachusett to Boston at 1:15 p.m. to expect to ride a bus instead.

Standing on a bus from Boston to Fitchburg.



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Serves them right

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Leominster is too.

You can get yourself a recently renovated or new 4br house for $300K or less. Smaller places go for as low as $150K.

Sorry if people with lower incomes offend you.

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I know several colleagues who opted to live in Fitchburg and commute in vs. paying obscene speculation prices in Cambridge, Belmont, or Waltham

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It has been routine to truncate the line at Porter Square on weekends to facilitate Green Line extension work, but they shouldn't be doing that on Thanksgiving.

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This is because they don't have enough crews.

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Saw it from my office

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