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Fitchburg Line riders wonder why they were chosen, to get stuck on a train that died and is frozen

No lights, no heat

Passengers on an outbound Fitchburg Line train had to endure two hours on a cold, unlit train stuck in Weston this evening - and then 15 minutes standing outside in single-digit temperatures waiting for a relief train.

At 5:42 p.m., SMM posted this selfie from her seat on the train:

No power. No heat. Waiting for a tow train, just outside of Kendall Green. First real cold day and major fail...

UPDATE, 735 p.m.

Greg DiGeronimo, who is also on the train, reports:

Almost Two hours stopped with no heat as other train passed then we had to get off in dangerous cold temps for 15 minutes completely unacceptable

UPDATE, 8 p.m.

DiGeronimo reports:

We still aren’t to Wachusett yet. ...

No lights either- still havent arrived at our destination- I left my office at 4pm




about how surprising it is that people don’t call emergency services or 911 in these cases. Whether it’s a broken, frozen (brozen?) train, smoke in cars that won’t let the doors open, or simply DANGEROUS, ARCHAIC infrastructure... how come people don’t think they’re in enough danger to draw attention to a rapid response? Wouldn’t this get more attention to the neglect for passenger safety on the T? In other words, just because someone isn’t in need of immediate medical attention, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be extracted from something like this. This is unacceptable and I’m also surprised people don’t start a protest for greater passenger safety in the middle of such a frustrating time.

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OSHA should shut the MBTA down for all sorts of violations but doesn't.

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MassDOT & The T can and should police themselves.

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They will transfer you to the Transit Police who will send a police car from Boston which will take an hour
for them to get to the scene to report over the radio " I see nothing in their best imitation of Sergeant Schultz.."

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