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Five now under arrest for David Ortiz shooting

WBZ reports that among the people nabbed in the Dominican Republic is the guy who allegedly shot David Ortiz in the back.

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Sure is cheap to get someone shot in the DR these days.

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When the minimum yearly wage in the DR is $1,400/year, that's quite a bit of money.

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I get it. Boston loves Big Papi

But amazing how they caught these guys so quick... I guess being Big Papi has its benefits, especially to a nation like DR (who I dare say has a "corrupt gov't").

Yet, six Americans since January have died at resorts in the DR. Where's their justice?

Like all high profile stories.. there's hundreds of similar stories that go unsolved or unnoticed by the public. Why? because they don't have a famous face.

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argue with you on that one, but you are right, that is something we deal with everyday in DR. They (authorities) are extremely good at finding things out fast, but only for those with a LOT of pull and money. It's sad and embarrassing, but it is the truth. In high profile cases where a family with no resources is the victim of a case the country has had to actually take the streets for justice to be served. All that being said, the cases where tourists have been victimized are very rare, and I do not know why it has taken so long for authorities to take action and find out exactly what happened in those cases since authorities and citizens are very protective of tourists.

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And your comment of:

"find out exactly what happened in those cases since authorities and citizens are very protective of tourists."

You're correct. I want to make it clear my comment isnt directed to all of DR. I know plenty of people who have taken vacations there and have not had a single problem, except they had too good of a time.

And yes. local citizens treat the tourists very well too and its rare for tourists to be victimized. But this just adds to the point that Ortiz's attackers were found quick but not so much for everyone else. (especially the issues surrounding how those people died and how mysterious it is)

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The only thing the Ortiz case has in common with the tourist cases is the country where it occurred. The Ortiz shooting was easily solvable with video, a suspect immediately apprehended by numerous eyewitnesses and a victim with deep ties to the area. Ortiz may have also had a known enemy or two in DR with motive.

I doubt that when the mini-bar is poisoned there are cameras in the hotel room, numerous witnesses to the crime or any particular reason to take out random tourists passing through. The beating of the female tourist also appeared random and not uncommon in a third world country. As another commenter correctly said, this isn't Rick Steeves Europe.

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