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Flags from around the world at Dorchester Day parade

Women with South Vietnamese and American flags

Women ride in parade under South Vietnamese and American flags

As Boston's largest and possibly most diverse neighborhood, Dorchester doesn't lack for representation in the annual Dorchester Day parade.

We'll get to more flags, but first, the world's cutest lollipop giver outer, who went from side to side on Dot Ave. making sure no kid went without a lollipop:

Lollipop girl

Dorchester's Cape Verdeans showed their pride:

Cape Verdeans

A group of Latin American dancers wore the flags of their native countries in their hair:

Dancers from Latin America

Imagine that this bagpiper is followed by a kid wearing a hip holster and a flagpole way taller than him with an Irish flag at the top (your faithful photographer was not able to get a good photo of him):


Even Israeli flags made an appearance - on a float by a group of people who want to see a free Biafra carved out of Nigeria (ed note: See the comments for an explanation):


Of course, flags were hardly the only thing on display at the parade.

Big heads

A Carrot-American marched for the Dorchester Food Co-op:

Walking carrot

No Minutemen groups, but there was this guy:


Plenty of musicians, though:

Horn blowing
Quincy marching band
Bruins-loving guitarist

Lots of politicians, natch, including state Sen. Nick Collins and This Guy:

Nick Collins

City Councilor Mike Flaherty marched. Welcome to Dot reports that as he entered Peabody Square, one group began chanting "Four more cars!"

City Life

And, of course, dancers:

Caribbean dancers

They had the Wave down pat:

the Wave

DotOut was, naturally, in the parade again:

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Carrot-Americans and lollipop giver-outers usually get so little press. Thanks for highlighting them, Adam!

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Cool. Thanks for sharing.

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"On March 28th 1996, Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria Visited and cried, acknowledging that the Igbo's were the Lost Tribe of Israel. Before he left, he gave Eze Nri a gift of Olive and Oil stating that such gifts were only given to Kings of Israel."

"The Nigeria–Biafra war: postcolonial conflict and the question of genocide"
"The Biafran secession of 1967 and ensuing civil war presented Israel with an acute dilemma. Israel sought to maintain correct relations with the Federal Government of Nigeria, which viewed as a hostile act any support rendered to the Biafran separatists. At the same time, the plight of the Igbos reminded many Israelis of the Holocaust. This article makes use of Israeli archival material to shed new light on how Israel shaped its policy towards the conflict. The Israeli public, press and parliament called for assistance to Biafra, evoking their country's deep moral obligation to help a people in distress. Israel aided Biafra, including, in a clandestine manner, the supply of weapons for which the secessionists pressed, in addition to humanitarian assistance. At the same time, Israel also sold arms to Nigeria, seeking to prevent a diplomatic rupture with the Lagos government that would have affected Israel's position in all of black Africa."

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I see Ray Romano came out to play the trumpet.

The girl that played the love interest in Napoleon Dynamite is one of the beauty queens waving from the car.

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Love the Contrabass/Sousaphone/Tuba shot!

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