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Former auto-repair place across from Hyde Park train station could become five-story residential building

Proposed Junior's building

Architect's rendering. Business Street and train station to left, River Street to right.

A local developer is proposing to raze the recently closed Junior's Automotive at River and Business streets and replace it with a five-story, 32-unit residential building with room for a coffee shop and 19 parking spaces in the ground floor.

The 54-foot-high building would have 20 two-bedroom units and 12 one-bedroom units, as well as a roof deck for residents, according to preliminary plans shown to neighbors at a site meeting last week, and posted in the Hyde Park Neighbors group on Facebook.

Bhavya Patel, who owns the Rogers gas station in Readville, bought the property last month under the corporate name of HP Trax Realty, according to the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds.

Patel has yet to file any formal plans with the BPDA, which would trigger a series of BPDA meetings and hearings on the proposal.

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Do developers make more profits the uglier the building design?

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This is so disrespectful to the neighborhood. They should be ashamed or be made to live there is it gets approved.

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