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Former hospital on Comm. Ave. in Brighton could be replaced by a residential building up to 16 stories tall

Joanne D'Alcomo and Tony D'Isidoro report in the Allston/Brighton forum that a developer has purchased the old Kindred Hospital property, which used to be the old Hahnemann Hospital property, at 1515 Commonwealth Ave., and is proposing a building of between 9 and 16 stories, with about 330 residential units, split between apartments and condos.

The Davis Companies bought the 2.5-acre parcel, just up the hill from Warren Street, for $15.75 million last year, D'Isidoro writes.

The developer filed a letter of intent on its plans with the BPDA on Friday, but a copy has yet to be posted on the BPDA Web site.




Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (German: [ˈhaːnəman]; 10 April 1755[1] – 2 July 1843) was a German physician, best known for creating the pseudoscientific[2] system of alternative medicine called homeopathy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Hahnemann

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BTW I was linked to this article from Google News

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Just standing on the street outside this building gives nice views into the city. A couple of stories up is going to be fantastic and almost worth risking one's life on that hill during the winter! LOL

I'm both jealous and outraged (recently bought a condo a few blocks away. I'm supposed to be outraged by new construction now, right? ;) )

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You should be asking about how much parking they will provide. Any answer they give (too much or too little) is the wrong answer. Then complain how it will spoil the character of the neighborhood. Then describe a story of your youth in the area (even though you are a newbie) and mention as many long-departed stores as possible.

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