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Four of five alleged face-smashing Bruins fans turn selves in

Transit Police report that four of the five people they say punched a man at the North Quincy T stop hard enough to break bones in his face turned themselves in.

Stiles Bezema, 21, of Wrentham, Antonio Green, 31, of Agawam and John Pritoni, 29, and Thomas Pritoni, 23, both of Norfolk, now face charges of aggravated assault and battery resulting in serious injury for the incident, in which they were all captured in Bruins gear early Friday.

Innocent, etc.

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Fortunately the Turtleboy Sports blog named the five suspects yesterday, so it was only a matter of time before they'd be nabbed..

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Awesome name based on one of the best movie character sidekicks. I wonder if Stiles is the guy that looks like Aaron Rodgers. Probably.

I bet the DA dismisses the charges against Stiles. Maybe he even shakes his hand outside the courtroom and says, “yeah sorry about the hassle with all this, see you around.”

Of course, that would never happen if his name were something like Tyler or Brent.

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That's what she said.

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Everybody beats up everyone here - dad said so!

Disneyland of Mayhem!

29? 31? 21? 23? Adults old enough to know better by now.

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...because no city residents ever start fights and commit acts of violence.

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At least if you're talking about fights a sports venues.

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Remember the people that jumped on the bandwagon of this being common practice for Quincy residents?

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