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Four injured in Hyde Park crash

Bus crash aftermath in Hyde Park

Crash aftermath. Photo by Chris Dunn.

WFXT reports a school bus and a car collided at River Street and Metropolitan Avenue this morning. No school children were on the bus.



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It’s a shame that Boston kids can’t go to their neighborhood schools.

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And significant percentages of the city busing budget go to bus special-needs kids and kids in charter schools, which are open citywide and which BPD has to provide busing for.

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This has nothing to do with the article.

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Unfortunately it appears to be an increase on. OUI and DUI involved traffic accidents.
I just have some civil and Criminal statistical questions.
1. How many people are being charged with o u i in The Last 5 Years in comparison to the previous five years?
2. How many people have been medically determined to be on heroin or opiates while driving in the last 5 years compared to years before where there has been an accident?

Have there been an increase of o u i intoxicated opiate individual involved in motor vehicle accidents or incidents

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