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Gas leak forces evacuation of building on Tremont Street in Roxbury; all clear sounded

Workers fixing gas leak outside 1065 Tremont St.

Leak fixers. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports a gas leak in the street outside 1065 Tremont St., near Melnea Cass Boulevard, forced the evacuation of the building after readings showed elevated gas levels inside the building.

A National Grid crew came and stopped the leak and, after gas levels inside the building returned to normal, residents were allowed back in, the department says.

There were no injuries or reports of anybody falling ill.


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Magoo needs to apologize. Magoo had business at 1056 Tremont this morning. Having gorged on bean burritos last night, Magoo fears that Magoo was the cause of the elevated gas readings. Magoo.

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