Getting cold feet on the Blue Line

Bare feet on the Blue Line

Nicholas Agri spotted this sockless, sandal wearing person on the Blue Line headed towards Wonderland this evening. No word if the person was also holding a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee.



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By Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Sketchtasy


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Sketchtasy takes place in that late-night moment when everything comes together, and everything falls apart—it’s an urgent, glittering, devastating novel about the perils of queer world-making in the mid-‘90s.

This is Boston in 1995, a city defined by a rabid fear of difference. Alexa, an incisive twenty-one-year-old queen, faces everyday brutality with determined nonchalance. Rejecting middle-class pretensions, she negotiates past and present traumas with a scathing critique of the world. Drawn to the ecstasy of drugged-out escapades, Alexa searches for nourishment in a gay culture bonded by clubs and conformity, willful apathy, and the specter of AIDS. Is there any hope for communal care?

Sketchtasy brings 1990s gay culture startlingly back to life, as Alexa and her friends grapple with the impact of growing up at a time when desire and death are intertwined. With an intoxicating voice and unruly cadence, this is a shattering, incandescent novel that conjures the pain and pageantry of struggling to imagine a future.

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Flip Flops

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The single most impractical footwear known to mankind. When did they become a "thing"? Once used strictly for beach, pool or gym, at some point they became all purpose, all weather, all event wear. They now even come bejeweled. Ridiculous.

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Not why is he wearing sandals but why do people feel the need to take pix of complete strangers and post them. Would Nicholas like his pic being taken without his knowledge or permission and post it online?

I know this is now the world we live in but it's still not right.

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If I took a pic

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Of every crazy thing I saw on the train, I'd run out of space on my phone

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Hokay, here's why I posted this

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It was pretty cold yesterday and yet here's somebody going out and about in public with basically bare feet, in a way that only a Bostonian would (hence the added, possibly lame, crack about an iced coffee). That is all.

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You don't have to explain

Most people who go outside now and again get it.

The person is not identifiable - but if they were, so the eff what? They were in PUBLIC.

If you are worried about people photographing your shoes as a "privacy issue", don't go out in PUBLIC. Your feet are safe, but is your Facebook account?

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Understood, but how do you

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Understood, but how do you think the person whose footwear is being mocked in your comment section would feel? They probably get enough guff from people in person, as it is; making more of a spectacle of it doesn't help.

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Oh, man

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You better not take the subway tomorrow. It's National No Pants Day.

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