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Getting themselves back to the garden?

Woodstock van in Brighton

Teddy Kokoros spotted this Greek-American Woodstock Peace and Love van at Market and Lincoln streets in Brighton today.

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He's usually parked on Bow st in Union Square, Somerville (where there are like two different Greek-American clubs, actually)

The last remaining old school VW shop in a 20 mile radius!

...at the auto repair garage immediately next to one of those Greek-American clubs. They say they repair Audis too but I've never seen one there, and there's always 10+ vanagons and eurovans there.

I think the autoshop next to the Greek American Club usually has a few of those VWs in the lot whenever I go by.

Also, funny enough, I saw that same exact van driving out of Davis Square on Summer Street around 11:30. Wouldn't have even thought twice about it if I hadn't seen Adam's post on this earlier this week

Its rare to see one of those VW vans on the road still. I'm not up on my VW bus model, but I am sure this is a early 80s model (the tail lights are a give away) so not exactly '69 woodstock authentic. But still funny.

I saw a 70s model in Davis a few weeks ago. It was a camper model that pop'd up and everything. It looked to be fully restored too with its original orange interior and wetbar.


a while back. (from memory) like 23 windows, lots of windows, rare desert find went for like $30-40K.

Original paint.

It's like a double-pun...you clever jerk.

Hope this is parked at TD "Garden" blasting psychedelia.

Yasoo! How do you say 'far out' in Greek - 'makriá'?

Without blurring out the licence plate. This guy is a local and and older gentleman and you are exposing him to possible scams leaving the pic this way. He is known in the VW scene, I see him at all the shows. (I know this was pulled from twitter but still, the twitter poster did worse by posting muliple pics with no blurred plates. Scammers use these to post fake for-sale ads).

What scam?

And what stops the scammer from going outside and taking photo after photo of cars with license plates?

What good does a fake for-sale ad do, and how does it jeopardize the owner?