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Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo dies, 62

Cafardo died today while at the Sox training camp in Florida, the Globe reports.



I've always enjoyed Cafardo's coverage of the Sox and baseball in general. RIP Nick.

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rip nick cafardo

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RIP Mr. Cafardo

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That is too young to go.

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Mr. Cafardo is respected across baseball. One of the last of the great shoe-leather sports reporters. He wrote like he knew everyone in every clubhouse and every nuance of every team. Never drew attention to himself or developed some marketing schtick for himself. Just an old school reporter, building the relationships and following the story like nobody else did. That he passed working the earliest days of a distant training camp, while Fenway Park was quiet and still covered in snow is apt. He will be greatly missed.

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Wow, such horrible news. While I didn't agree w/a lot of Nick's ideas for the team, he was quite obviously an extremely hard worker, and a very good writer (which seems rare in the sports dept these days). Condolences to his family and friends.

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