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Globe wants to get more serious about crime and police coverage in Boston

The Globe is looking to hire a criminal justice reporter:

We’re looking for a candidate who will provide watchdog coverage of the city police and its new commissioner; write human stories about law enforcement interaction with neighborhoods; and spot trends in policing and crime across Boston.

One requirement: "A high metabolism."

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I knew this girl once in high school who was sooooo, low metabolism. She didn't even get a date to the prom, mostly like because she didn't have the energy to get to the good stores for mascara, and dresses. Too bad we didn't have soul cycle back then. I would have suggested that people with low metabolism could apply as long as they signed up for soul cycle but I was in Liverpool and the Globe has such like mutually excellent people that it almost runs on autopilot when I'm out of the country. But, let's face it. There is like no way that someone with low metabolism will ever be named the most important person in Boston. And we like to give young people the thought that the American Dream is possible, that you can study hard, work at another lesser paper, then come to the Globe and take good and turn it into great, and then work your way up to editorizing things, and then maybe become a columnist like radical awesome feminist Joan Vennocci, and maybe someday become managing director of the Company. (Even though we all at Universal Hub know the way to the top is horizontal not vertical...pssstt...don't tell anyone!) Keep hope alive !!!! #metoo

Do you think someone with low metabolism could do this???


pps: you can be darn tootin sure that this reporter won't be looking into the criminal way that the Boston Public Schools are run.


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wtf did I just read

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After reading a few of those, you'll probably know better and scroll on.

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She would be the best reporter at the Globe on day 1 !!!

Thank you for sharing :)


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Stanley Stacos

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