A good day to take the Orange Line instead of commuter rail at Back Bay

Lines at Back Bay

The hardest part of getting to the Orange Line this afternoon was getting through all the people waiting for a train on one of the commuter-rail tracks.



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All those nice suburbanites

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All those nice suburbanites that don't want to pay for "our trains." SMH

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Rookie miskake, Gaffin

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In cases like this, you enter Back Bay Station via Copley Place.

Just don't ask me how I'm going, because I'm just an idiot.

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Yeah, I should've thought of that since I was coming from the BPL, so I was already on that side of Dartmouth ...

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I'm not understanding this

You don't walk through the commuter rail platforms to get to the Orange Line. They are entirely separate from each other. Both are down stairways from the street level, but *different* stairways.

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Clarendon Street entrance was closed

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I use Back Bay everyday on the Clarendon Street side. Officials were not letting anybody use the entrance and made everyone walk around the block to the Dartmouth Street side.

Luckily I was using the Orange Line around 3:45 yesterday and didn't have to deal much with the queues winding throughout the building.

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