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Googly eyes improve everything, even ads showing plastic covered, flayed corpses

Googly eyes on the Green Line

Somebody took the liberty of improving an ad on the Green Line for one of those inner-body-workings displays that show up in Boston from time to time.


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Using different size eyes to accommodate the perspective shows forethought and dedication. I pronounce this ART

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Am I the only one who finds these things in incredibly bad taste? These are actual dead people. I must be old but I prefer the old talking "transparent woman" exhibit they used to have at the Museum of Science when I was a kid in the 60s. At least she was only made of plastic.
Plastic is politically incorrect now, but apparently human remains are not.

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You do know that all the dead people in the exhibit volunteered to have their corpse or body parts put on exhibit like that, right?

I might kind of agree that it's in bad taste for all the sightseers who just go there to ghoulishly gawk, although even then, it might be something like scientific curiosity, which is a good thing. In my case, I've studied artistic anatomy all my life, including in a formal art school setting, and I wish they had something like this back when I was a young art student -- it would have helped a lot.

Also, I met a young medical student at the exhibit, and I doubt that she was there out of macabre impulses.

I did have one embarrassing brain fart at the exhibit, when I was standing over a glass case full of body parts. I couldn't quite identify one, and said (softly, I hope) "what's that phallic-looking thing?" and someone next to me said "it's a phallus." Oops.

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Where the bodies come from appear to be "questioned". See the below quote from an NPR article:
"Still, NPR has learned there's no clear paper trail from willing donors to exhibited bodies. People donating their bodies to von Hagens send consent forms to his Institute for Plastination. They pay to have their bodies transported to a plastination facility. There, their donor forms and death certificates are checked."


There competitor "Bodies" uses unclaimed bodies.

However, it appears, there is no consent for either exhibit - and these exhibits are in bad taste.

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I am so bummed this body world thing is back. I was so glad when it left. I know a lot of people think it's awesome and beautiful and blah blah. I can't stand to look at it. Skin should stay on people, dead or not. Preserved in plastic? I just can't. Should be some law against showing these images in public. Wake me when they go away again

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Don't watch any slaughterhouse er, meat processing videos.

It may get you to turn up your nose at a plate of hot muscle tissue.

And don't linger at the meat or deli counter.
That naked flesh is still decomposing slowly.
At least THAT stuff is edible.
Not this plastic impregnated stuff.
Tastes awful and so chewy!

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Right, human meat is the same as farm animal meat. So we might as well be cannibals.

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Leave it to a German to come up with this.

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