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Green Line trolley derails at Beaconsfield; looks like Patriots fans will have to yield

The MBTA reports Green Line service no longer exists between Reservoir and Kenmore due to a trolley that couldn't stay on the tracks at Beaconsfield:

Inbound passengers can take a train to Reservoir and walk four min to Cleveland Circle to continue inbound. Shuttle buses are being put in place as well.



There's some delicious irony in suburban and exurban Patriots fans having trouble getting downtown for the parade on the commuter rail and T when many of these same people voted to repeal the gas tax inflation measure that would have added millions to the T's bottom line.

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These are the New England Patriots, right? Why is the parade always in Boston, then? Seems like a win-win to rotate with other New England cities: Spread the love among the larger fan base; Don't inconvenience the peeps trying to get to work / school / appointments / etc. in Boston every time.

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