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The Grinch who stole Halloween in the South End

Stolen wreath poster vows to find the bastard who stole a South End resident's Halloween wreath

Shamus Moynihan couldn't help but notice this flier in the South End, vowing vengeance on the spineless bastard who stole one Appleton Street resident's Halloween wreath. Halloween wreath? Halloween wreath.

Someone takes their Halloween decorations VERY seriously.



Ugh, it is sold out on Amazon - like my first world life is like totally over now...

"I'm going to find you, and make you sorry".....no, no you won't

I hope the thief ransoms it back to this person.


That kills it right there!
Looks like a good business opportunity.... Go ahead, I dare you to find a bat wreath!!!!

The Great Glitter Shortage of 2019? Damn tariffs...

Seriously while they have much bigger issues in the South End

Why should people enjoy decorating their house? They should be miserable like everyone else. Lets hope bad things happen to them. /S


What happened to "whoever brings it back, no questions asked"? Sometimes that works better.

... is Halloween, not Valentines Day.

Pumpkins in Jamaica Plain. Halloween wreaths in the South End. That guy better stay close to "PIll Man" on the Methadone Mile. "Pill Man" is very Halloweeny looking.

Happens in my neighborhhod (not South End) as well. People steal and/ or smash the jack-o-lanterns the little neighborhood kids carve. Have seen at least one note a parent posted on their front steps letting whoever smashed their little kid's pumpkin that they were a jerk and had their 6 yr. old in tears.

Smashing pumpkins is a longtime Halloween tradition. 6 year olds need to understand that and bring their pumpkins inside at night, if they can’t handle it.
Of course, any pumpkin smashing BEFORE midnight on Halloween is just wrong.

Some folks out in the 'burbs put up large collections of Halloween items, including giant inflatables, light displays, and noise effects. I guess they feel a need to express their religious piety by expending electricity.

I must have missed the memo that said there must be A Wreath for All Seasons.