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Gusher erupts at Comm Ave. and Exeter Street in the Back Bay

You might want to avoid the area around a broken water main there. BPD officers are there to help guide you somewhere else as BWSC workers struggle to contain the might flow, which has now inundated Exeter between Newbury and Marlborough and forced the evacuation of some buildings.



This one was pretty bad and a bit unprecedented for the hood. It came in from both the Comm Ave. side and the alley as well. The shocker for me was as the lowest level unit in the neighborhood (I am so sub grade) It missed me by feet. Kudos to all the neighbors that gave me a heads up when it started and the concerns for my well being. This was pretty bad and I have a few friends staying at hotels tonight-it took out both the rich and poor, the building maintenance person on one side of me, the lawyer on the other-it's a bit the same no matter who you are. Taking a few hours off from work tomorrow to help the neighbors. No matter who they are they have helped me when I was in need.

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There are too many sexual double-entendres that can be made with the words "gusher", "slippery when wet", and even "laying pipe."

So I'm just going to hope that this issue gets resolved as quick as possible.

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