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Guy sought for making off with another man's backpack and the two laptops inside at Oak Grove

Wanted for larceny at Oak Grove Orange Line station

Photos of the guy from before and after he snagged the backpack, via TPD.

Transit Police have released photos of a man they say made off with a backpack containing two laptops and other items from another person at the Oak Grove Orange Line station around 1:40 p.m. on Wednesday.

If found, he'll face a charge of larceny over $1,200, police say.

One of the laptops was a Dell, the other an Apple, according to police, who add he managed to grab the bag while its owner wasn't looking.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text tip to 873873.

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From the movie Days of Thunder

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Usually the Transit Police take about a month to release the photos. Excellent work by the detective who released this photo before the thief can strike again.

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When the facial recognition software scans this, he'll be identified as a rottweiler/human hybrid.

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like he's honestly wondering who let the dogs out.

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Also should be charged with standing on the left of the escalator

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