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Happy Allston Xmas to all, and to all a good night!

Storrowed rental truck on Storrow Drive

Around 11 p.m. on Monday, just before the end of another Allston Christmas, the driver of a rental truck made contact with the Silber Way footbridge on Storrow Drive, as Chris shows us.

Now, the truck is facing inbound on the outbound side of Storrow; in an attempt to get it out. Presumably, they eventually figured it out. Another view, by KMV:

Stuck truck
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A thought came to me when I saw the hanging warning signs. What if the state installed height sensors before the pass and if triggered it would set off a red light before the pass with an led warning about height? It would also set off a buzzer for the State Police since the truck will need help backing up.

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Not sure if the remnants are still there, but for years there was such a warning sign next to the DoubleTree hotel. They let it fall into disrepair.

For the entrances to I-90 & I-93 (central artery) downtown they have thick chain curtains to warn the driver and optical sensors that presumably alerts officials.

Why they won't use the same stainless steel chain curtain on the warning signs for the river roads is baffling. (Others have said it's because DCR & MassDOT don't like to play nice.)

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Others have said it's because DCR & MassDOT don't like to play nice.

I find it hard to believe that two Massachusetts agencies would ever let petty interagency bickering put the public at risk, said nobody ever.

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One word: incompetence*. It would require someone who cares to have any authority. And someone with authority to care.

See: DMV scandal (can't even do the job right)

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Truck drivers don't pay attention to the over height warning signals on 93N heading into the O'Neill tunnel. What makes you think rental truck drivers will pay attention to this kind of signal?

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How did the truck end up the wrong way? Did they enter Storrow EB at University Road, clear the Baystate Rd footbridge (which strangely does not have any height signage posted), getting jammed going through the Silber footbridge, freak out and turn around heading WB (where they came from)? If they had continued EB they would have been able to take the Kenmore exit and escape with a damaged truck but no tow fee and State Police ticket.

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I think they turned the truck around so it wouldn't have to drive in reverse to exit the roadway.

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