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That Harvard freshman who was booted out of country after eight hours of detention at Logan is in Cambridge tonight

And will start classes tomorrow, the Harvard Crimson reports. The Crimson doesn't say how Harvard convinced the Trump administration to change its mind and let Ismail Ajjawi back into the US.




He had Harvard behind him, and Harvard often gets its way. But how many other students of less well-known institutions have also encountered this?

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Still waiting for the hordes of right wing "free speech" advocates to speak up for these guys.

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Class is a hell of a drug

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If this student we're planning to attend any other school in the area, then he'd have already been sent home and the story would have barely registered.

But Haahvid.

I'm happy for him, don't get me wrong, but think of those who don't have tangential connections to some of the most powerful humans on the planet.

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