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Hey, Tom, you think they serve turkey burgers? They better not, so help me ...

Turkeys at Burger King drive thru in Roslindale

Travel New England had to wait his turn in the drive-thru lane at the Burger King on Washington Street in Roslindale this morning.




Come at me bro!

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The only thing going to be swiftly served piping hot and supersized to you colonizers is sweet justice*.

We will dethrone this so called Burger "King" and replace the monarchy with a democratically elected republican enterprise. An amply sized centrist legislative body with balanced left and right wings representative and inclusive of the diverse views of indigenous peoples.

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I'll be a lot more worried about the TLF the day they figure out the secret about mirrors.

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then I'm lunchin' - f'real tho if provoked I'm kicking

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"What time is it?"

"11:14. Do you think we have time for breakfast?"

"I don't think so. I think they're serving lunch now."

"Wait a minute...I remember the secret menu they have...uh, yeah, can we have three 11:15s and three coffees?"

"I told you several times, we don't serve turkeys...and the drive-thru shtick is getting lame. Get lost!"

(as they leave)

"Morty, what's an 11:15?"

"A hamburger with a egg on top."

"That's cannibalism!"

"Yes, Fred...it is...pure, delicious cannibalism."

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