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If you've got it, flaunt it

Good inspection form at Park Plaza Au Bon Pain

The Park Plaza Au Bon Pain didn't just put its "A" health-inspection form in its window, it put it in an illuminated frame that really shows off the letter.



I am sure they paid a lot for that.

But I'm not going to buy their undrinkable coffee again.

summons them to a hearing for having an unauthorized illuminated sign in their window?


If this was Cambridge they'd storm the place and pull the plug on the sign. The Taste Police simply wouldn't have it.

Personally, I would go for neon - lots of neon!
A day without neon is like a day without sunshine.

Put it in case which is illuminated by a single tea candle.


I work in the Park Plaza office building and that sign has been there, illuminated, for probably about a year. This will now be the trend, though. That restaurant doesn't just have an "A" rating it has a "Jazz Hands Sparkly 'A'" rating.

back in LA the hands down best mole i ever had in my life (even better than Casa Romeros) was from a "B" restaurant.

I don't see what's so great about AuBonPain. It's amazing they've been around Boston and surrounding Boston for years and they still have an incredible following. Whenever I saw them pour their soup into big vats from huge pillow case size plastic bags, that made me think twice. Then I read the ingredients in small print on their refrigerated items. Now that I'm middle-aged, I'm scared of processed foods. And the prices are crazy. Cook and eat at home. Make the time to do so.

All it means is that the restaurant passed a health inspection. Don't worry, the city hasn't gotten into the restaurant review business. I thought this particular notice was interesting because it's the first one I've seen where somebody went to the trouble of putting it in an illuminated frame to highlight the letter.


This particular location is in a hotel. And while it's a lovely hotel, only their biggest suites have a kitchen.

I worked at an Au Bon Pain in about year 2000. The quality of the food then was pretty great compared to the other food court offerings, though our staff got bored of it and would barter with the Sabarro and DeAngelos for pizzas and ceaser salad wraps (ABP served a ceaser wrap but DeAngelos one was way better.). Yes, the soup came to the store frozen. Yes, the "fresh lemonade" came to the store in frozen milk-cartons. But we spent hours every morning preparing the salad and sandwich ingredients. And the sauces on the sandwiches were unique. I was sad to see the North Shore Mall location close recently, though. I will continue to visit the Northeastern location a few times a year. Sometimes you just need a quick Caprese Sandwich.

I'm sure they earned it but bragging your restaurant is clean and passed an inspection is like bragging that you take care of your kids.
Yea, you're supposed to.


A plain "A" rating is better than just "passing" though.

Their record would be more impressive if they didn’t get violations every other inspection that required a re-inspection.

More like A-/B+ to me.

Almost no restaurant doesn't get dinged for something. Go look up a variety of places to see for yourself. Thankfully most are minor.

It's nice that Boston has them all online. Wish other towns did the same.

But that should be the difference between an A and an A-.

They're good, but overall, the grade inflation does get me. I mean, there are establishments who have repeatedly been shut down still technically getting A ratings.

Has anyone seen any rating posted other than "A"? (e.g., "B" or "C" ?)