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It isn't even snowing, so why's the Orange Line not going?

Crowded train, platform at Malden Center

Another morning, another mess on the Orange Line. Finn reports from an inbound train at Malden Center:

Employees are essentially berating customers and suggesting they go take the Commuter Rail. None of us have a clue what's going on. The MBTA currently has NO southbound delays reported.

There are reports that as many as three Orange Line trains died pretty much at once - but at least none likely suffered embarrassing "uncommon noises."



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The Herald is reporting on the daily disasters on the T.
The Globe is reporting how well the T ran yesterday.
Which one is reporting fake news?

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to the tales ??

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Have the MBTA mechanics determined what's wrong with the new cars yet? Or do they have to send them back to Springfield? Or order new parts from China? Does anybody know what's happening? They haven't even ran for a year yet, and they're already unsafe for public use?

And for the old trains that we still have to rely on now for the winter, wuzzup MBTA? Any competent representative available for input?

Let's face it, the MBTA is permanently broken and getting worse.

Governor won't do anything, either.

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"haven't even ran for a year yet" is awfully generous... the first cars entered service 4 months ago!

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All these MBTA problems have the result of causing people to drive their cars, causing traffic, gridlock, pollution, etc.

Would this be happening if the governor randomly showed up on the T or commuter rail every now and again? Not it would not.

When I pass through the relatively new North Station T stop, I am horrified that tiles are coming up, there are clearly leaks, and the place looks dumpy. Where is the accountability for contractors who built this place?

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Finn reports from an inbound train at Malden Center:..

Finn thought he had it bad crash-landing on Jakku and narrowly escaping a sinkhole that swallowed the wreck. Then - he took the T


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Malden station was a mess and there was nobody around to help. There was a line all the way down the stairs. People were walking up the escalator which wasn't working, but the weight of people on it caused it to go down into the waiting line. I had to leave the station and wait 15 minutes just to get on the platform.

There are a lot of T employees doing a good job, but today somebody dropped the ball and they're lucky that the outcome was only an inconvenience.

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Or is it freeze, frogs, freeze?

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I was on a Northbound Orange Line train this morning that had "mechanical issues," at about 6:15 am - a good 30 minutes after these posts.

The next train came along and went three stops, then it also had "mechanical issues." Very frustrating.

Funny thing is... the first train clearly was a dud, and had to be pushed out of the station. But the second one seemed to be fine, and motored itself out.

As this is not the first time I've had back-to-back train issues, it makes me wonder if they are taking the second train out of services simply to express drive it to somewhere. With this morning's second train, there was another train just behind it.

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