It's the Orange Line's turn to fail; The trains really are just so frail

A train that collapsed in a heap at Malden Center was shoved out of the way, but, of course, not before jamming up the whole Orange Line.



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I had a dream the other night

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I had a dream the other night that an new orange line train surprisingly pulled up during my morning commute. You know a dream is lame when its something that was on schedule to actually happen in real life 3 months ago.



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It's still winter for another week.

I give them to the end of April, then even I will be griping.

We'll see them this year

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There was just one technical glitch that's keeping them offline.

Now, don't ask me how many new train sets will be running by the end of the year. That will be a depressing number.

well for one thing

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We have to have a nice sunny day so Governor I Really Do Care About The T can pop in for a ribbon-cutting

New trains rolling through crumbling Malden Sta

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The norm for the next 10-15 years. Malden is definitely one of the worst stations in Greater Boston. Guaranteed Top 10. If UHUB did a vote for the Top 10 worst T stations, I say Malden places 8th

I'm usually not the one to

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I'm usually not the one to complain about these sort of things, but perhaps we should change the headline here given the recent tragedy, Adam. Just a suggestion

Orange Line Misery

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The Orange Line is up there with some of the more miserable Boston transportation experiences. South of the city is kids screaming and blasting rap music through portable speakers. North of the city it's tight crowds with huge backpacks, and lots of "excuse me, could everyone move in and make room please?"

One time in Downtown Crossing, some old guy was getting off the train and shoved some millenial on his phone and said "outta my way a**hole."

The millenial looked up and said, "Really? Really??!" And then he glanced around for some sort of help or affirmation as everyone just continued on.

Haha.... how humiliating. Shove the guy back, curse at him, or brush it off and don't say anything. Worst possible reaction. I felt bad for the guy.