Jamaica Plain doctor to run against Lynch in 2020

Mohammed Dar

Mohammad Dar, an internist in Jamaica Plain, today announced today he will run on a progressive platform against incumbent US Rep. Stephen Lynch in the 8th District.

Dar, formerly medical director at MassHealth, vowed a fight for progressive policies, including Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, stronger gun safety laws, a federal $15 minimum wage and help for people with high student-loan debts and people seeking citizenship.

Brianna Wu, who lost to Lynch by a significant margin last year, has said she also plans to run.



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Sounds like a job for

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Sounds like a job for Michael Capuano. At least he's held elected office before.

Holding elected office means nothing

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There have been multiple studies that show that "experienced" office holders are really quite indistinguishable from their peers.

NY Times had a graphic that referenced these studies when it showed the pathways people took to congress.


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Doesn't' live in that district.

Not a problem

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You just have to live in the state, not the district. Whether that's smart politically is another thing, but legally, not a bar.

Good: Lynch is a phony, fake Dem.

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Lynch is not even a moderate Republican. He’s a fraud, he’s lazy, and doesn’t give a crap about the people he represents, his man-of-the-people image notwithstanding. Let’s get someone in there who’s got a brain, some compassion, and integrity.


Stephen Lynch is a true Democrat

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I'm getting sick of this "party purity" BS that has infected both parties. It's ruining the country.

Now, one can hate his policies and want someone else, but I won't take claims that Lynch is not a Democrat or that Collins is not a Republican or... sadly the rest are being taken down and being replaced with the more extreme wings of the parties.


the question

Isn't whether he's a True Democrat (whatever that means), it's whether his voting record is in accordance with the views of the constituency he represents.

Now, given how far the 8th extends down the South Shore, I'm not certain we can get an unapologetic progressive - the PVI is only D+10, compared to D+34 in the 7th where Pressley knocked off Capuano - but it's worth a shot.


And that's the question

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And a very valid one.

Still, if the Democrats want to make headway nationwide, they better be willing to accept candidates that reflect West Virginians in WV as much as candidates that reflect Bay Staters here. The same is true of Republicans, but since I'm a Democrat, I'm more concerned with the former than the latter. I'm a Lynch Democrat, and it will take a lot to chase me from the party.


Both sides!

Yes, one side wants to revert to the tax rates to what they used to be and the other puts kids in cages. Both sides are extreme!

Collins is 100% a Republican - she's consistently voted to empower the government, reduce personal freedoms, enable religious bigotry, disenfranchise voters, will have helped overturn Roe v. Wade. Where is the policy showing she's not a classic modern Republican?


Let me put it this way

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Look at the 1990 MA Governor's race, or most partisan races before 1980. There was not the purity one sees now. Pro-life Democrats and Pro-Choice Republicans used to face off against each other. Heck, look at what happened to Prescott Bush in Connecticut back in the day.

If only the parties concentrated on economic policy, but sadly we are beyond that now.

The Donkelphant in the Room

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If only the parties concentrated on economic policy, but sadly we are beyond that now.

And we all know why they don't: Citizens United

We get what they pay for ... ooh, look, Corey the Corporate Cashboy Booker is entering the race ...

Phony is overselling it.

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Phony is overselling it. Lynch is a pretty doctrinaire Democrat when it comes to his votes on issues. Doesn't mean the district can't do better. That remains to be seen. But the guy is far from a Republican.

Well Mr Lynch

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Congratulations on your forthcoming reelection.


Is "Dr. Dar" hiding first name in press release?

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I admire anyone who runs for office but I found the press release more than a little odd since there seems to be a concerted effort to avoid using Mohammad's first name. Name recognition is crucial as his full name will be on the ballot. The full name might even make him more popular in the far-left, low turnout primary. Granted, the alliterative "Doctor Dar" has the potential to be catchy but the only time I see the first name used is a small caption under his baby picture. Perhaps it's not a big deal as former President Obama deftly avoided his Hussein middle name and won handily twice.

At least Dr. Dar is off to a head start, having only recently arrived in the Commonwealth. This seems to be a new prerequisite on the left. If elected, he will join other MA newcomers in Congress like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Oklahoma), Rep. Katherine Clark (Connecticut) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Illinois). The lack of interest from state legislators and other locally born pols shows they are nice and cozy at the trough.

In this climate, Lynch would be wise to funnel donations to Brianna Wu to split the left vote. Not too much as many will think she is the Boston City Councillor Michelle Wu. Similar to when JFK first ran for Congress against popular North End pol Joe Russo. Old Man Joe Kennedy soon paid-off an unknown janitor named Joe Russo and got him on the ballot to confuse voters. JFK won in a landslide!


He's a doctor

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And his name is Dar.

Suck it.

Uou really think he's trying to hide his first name? How have you gone through life not noticing that doctors tend to be called by their last name? Maybe in this era of glad-handling pols (heyo, how 'bout that Jim Jordan?), first names are a thing, but well, I dunno, even Dear Leader prefers to be called by his last name, rather than just ol' Donnie.

As for people being confused by people named Wu, congratulations, you are the first person in the area to get Brianna Wu mixed up with Michelle Wu. Such alleged confusion by people who won't vote for either one didn't seem to have helped Lynch's opponent last year; it's not going to help her much next year, either.

Oh, dear, you're offended by people whose ancestry doesn't go back several generations running for office here? Shall I rush to the medicine cabinet for some smelling salts for you?


Great post

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Another Adam smackdown. I especially like the use of "suck it." There is no need to suffer fools gladly. Keep it up!

Ben Carson

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Ben Carson
Howard Dean
Rand Paul
C. Everett Koop

I'm trying to hard to think of a political figure that used "Dr." in place of their first name. Can't think of any, not even non doctordoctor people with Ph.D.s. All I can think of are TV personalities like Dr. Oz and "Dr" Phil.


You've got an odd way of

You've got an odd way of deciding who to vote for. Maybe you should look at people's policies instead of making up your mind based on their name and ethnic background. Also, seek help, you fucking maniac.



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I admire anyone who runs for

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I admire anyone who runs for office but I found the press release more than a little odd since there seems to be a concerted effort to avoid using Mohammad's first name. Name recognition is crucial as his full name will be on the ballot. The full name might even make him more popular in the far-left, low turnout primary.

You're unrelenting trash.


As he's an MD I don't expect much on .....

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Problem with MD's -- many [though certainly not all] have an aversion to serious Math and hence more serious Physical Science, Economics, Business and Engineering topics

Full disclosure my father-in-law was a very good G.P., a good local medical officer, and a very good hunter and fisherman -- BUT when it came to Business or doing Plumbing, Wiring or Carpentry around the house - -Well he was a good MD, hunter and fisherman and a great storyteller

So I don't expect that Dr. Dar can do much to enlighten us as to what " the Green New Deal, " is supposed to mean -- other than a meaningless slogan

I've heard about a half dozen takes on GND from AOC, our own AOC wanna be, and others from the new cohort of Sociocrats and Jr. Bernie's

Let the good doctor try to explain how we can have a society with a modern life style based on intermittent and unreliable electrical energy

Not only will our energy cost far more than now, it won't necessarily be there when we need it.

Consider the moronic suggestion by the Boston City Council to convert all of the buildings to electric heat. Now put that in the context of the last few days when some of the lowest temperatures experienced in the past few years were combined with:

  1. very little sun and intermittent wind during the day
  2. and of course no sun and intermittent wind at night .

Could be worse -- we might be in Chicago, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Calgary, and a few other cities where the Air Temperature let alone the "Feels Like" was cold enough to convert a cup of boiling water tossed into the air into a cloud of mixed water droplets and ice crystals https://youtu.be/y7jVqwAuVfQ?t=8
[this is the winter version of frying the egg on the sidewalk]

Perhaps the good doctor would prescribe a lot of human-human and human-canine snuggling for the past few 3-dog nights