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Jamaica Plain food pantry seeks additional donations due to federal workers starting to ask for help in Trump shutdown

The Food Pantry at First Church (6 Eliot St at the Monument) is seeking some extra help to meet new requests from federal workers in the neighborhood who aren't getting paid.

If you have any of the following items you are able to contribute to the food pantry they would greatly appreciate it! We will put a bin by our front desk. Unexpired staples such as: soups with protein, pasta sauce, peanut butter, tuna and sardines, cereal, canned vegetables and fruits, toothpaste & dish soap. Other specialty items like jam, coffee, tea, kids juice packs, women's sanitary products are also welcome. Please bring in items before February 7th.

Unlimited Sotheby's International Realty, 673 Centre St. and East Boston Savings Bank, 515 Centre St. are also accepting items for the food pantry.




Your funny.
I believe we need borders as well as 66% of the country. The other 34% come from MA
Lets just call it a shutdown.

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To this guy.

Also, if it's such a priority, why didn't he feel the need to push it in the last 2 years when the Republicans were in control of both houses of Congress?

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Your brain.

BOTH houses of congress were controlled by REPUBLICANS and voted 100% to fund continued services.

The Asshole in the White House said "WWHHHHHHHWAAAAAAAA MY WAALLLLLLLLL" and threw a tantrum that I wouldn't accept from my toddlers.

Get a clue - this is about Drumpf trying to prevent investigations into his numerous TREASONOUS CRIMES. If you don't understand that, you need to wake the fuck up and smell the fucking covfefe!

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Hey dumbass. Trump said he was "proud" to shut down the government. It is all on him. A million people are out of work because of him and his useless monument to republican racism. Oh and he lied about Mexico paying for it!

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To be fair, Mitch McConnell could reopen government in a heartbeat too, if he were to allow the current Senate to vote on the spending bill they passed in December.


Though, then again, Trump does take credit for the shutdown a couple of times


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Democrats in the House (and elsewhere) have said repeatedly that they support border security.

What they don't like is negotiating with unstable hostage-takers (or terrorists) or funding poorly-planned, vanity projects (when the government is running a $779 billion deficit in fiscal 2018)

Can anyone call this a well thought-out plan for a wall?


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Sources, please for the Companies (cough, sorry),Corporations, Agencies stats looking for free food.

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Do you have any information/facts/statistics yourself or just want to attack food pantries, generally?

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They have set up a food center at the Coast Guard Station in the North End.

Local group supporting unpaid families. If I wasn't sending direct help to family members in the Coast Guard, I'd direct it to this.

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