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Jamaica Plain woman will declutter your house

The BBC interviewed three women around the world who will come into your house and help you declutter, including Jamaica Plain's own Rhea Becker.

When you meet clients, they are often stressed so you need to have people management skills. You've also got to be physically capable of lifting heavy items and having a lot of stamina.



Please see also https://www.challengingdisorganization.org/ and just before Harvard Yard check out the current display of clutter organizing books at the Broadway Cambridge Public Library 2nd Floor across from the Reference Desk.

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This makes me want to write a story about someone who comes to someone’s house to help with all the clutter, and then won’t leave, thereby adding to all the clutter.

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Please don't give Mark Wahlberg any ideas.

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He can stay in my place on Carolina if he wants ;)

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Pretty sure Mark has been decluttering his ideas anyway.

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There's a decluttering workshop at the JP library tonight and when I looked it up I saw that it is being given by none other than...Rhea Becker! Thanks for the reminder, Adam!

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I'm torn. Would it be considered a success if it was sparsely attended?

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brings joy

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