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John Harvard's brewpub to be replaced by another brewpub

Boston Magazine reports that the Wachusett Brewing Company will open a brewery and taproom where John Harvard's in Cambridge used to be, and that it will also feature "a pizza-focused food program."



I seem to recall that &pizza was denied a permit to come to the square because they couldn't establish that another pizzeria was needed there. They had to join up with Milk Bar to open.

I'm still surprised that the Unos in Harvard Square closed. That place was there forever!

First: obligatory observation that at least it's not another bank.

Second: Wachusett makes the only decent blueberry ale (come at me, Shipyard fans), so I'm on board with this development.


Will they keep the cool stained glass? I hope so!


My band used to play there a lot for several years and we always played under those panes. Always liked them.

I like their Wally.

But I can NEVER see anything through a pizza lens. That seems like a drunken college stunt to get kids to burn their faces with melted cheese.