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John Harvard's brewpub to be replaced by another brewpub

Boston Magazine reports that the Wachusett Brewing Company will open a brewery and taproom where John Harvard's in Cambridge used to be, and that it will also feature "a pizza-focused food program."



I seem to recall that &pizza was denied a permit to come to the square because they couldn't establish that another pizzeria was needed there. They had to join up with Milk Bar to open.

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I'm still surprised that the Unos in Harvard Square closed. That place was there forever!

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First: obligatory observation that at least it's not another bank.

Second: Wachusett makes the only decent blueberry ale (come at me, Shipyard fans), so I'm on board with this development.

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Will they keep the cool stained glass? I hope so!

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My band used to play there a lot for several years and we always played under those panes. Always liked them.

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I like their Wally.

But I can NEVER see anything through a pizza lens. That seems like a drunken college stunt to get kids to burn their faces with melted cheese.

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