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Just a typical day on Franklin Street

Free Guy scene set on Franklin Street, with flames, helicopters and missiles

The trailer for "Free Guy," in which Ryan Reynolds plays a bank teller who begins to realize he's a character in a shoot-em-up video game, dropped today, and it features lots and lots of scenes in downtown Boston (and one under the Zakim in Charlestown) - although oddly it starts with somebody skydiving over what looks like Pittsburgh.

Reynolds walking to work with his security-guard pal:

Ryan Reynolds walks to work

An unusual round newsstand figures in several scenes - its shape no doubt dictated by the round monument to the Hungarian uprising it masks in Liberty Square:

Free Guy in Liberty Square

If you've ever wondered what it would be like if a guy with a flamethrower walked down Devonshire Street, this is the movie for you:

Flamethrower in Ryan Reynolds game

Compare to Boston getting destroyed in the most recent Godzilla movie.



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I've worked in the area where they filmed this for a dozen or so years and this is some crazy stuff.

Can't wait to take advantage of the rise of edibles in MA and enjoy the completely surreal backdrops for this. Seems like a real check-your-brain-at-the-door romp.

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To pick up a fake ID before you head to the theater - you can never be too careful.

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Stopped in at lunchtime. Very convenient place!

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That building always made me dizzy. it just looks wrong.

How's the park behind it doing?

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Magoo has realized that Magoo is just a character in some pseudoscience hypnorotic zombie apocalypse reality. Magoo.

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Can someone develop 3D glasses to create the illusion that the T is safe, clean and on time.

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have proved that to be impossible.

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You just have to ignore that all the signage is either in Japanese or some European language

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What is it with this guy? Didn't he do enough damage to this part of the city (and his career) with RIPD?

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RIPD was a classic. I like almost every movie shot in Boston.

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When is the pregnant building going to give birth? It's been gestating for decades!

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As is often the case -- Its all about scaling things

Some Typical Gestation Times of animals [mostly mammals] by duration [various sources]:

  1. Shrew = 13 days
  2. Grey Squirrel = 30
  3. Dog = 61
  4. Sheep = 144
  5. Polar Bear = 241
  6. Human = 266
  7. Cow = 279
  8. Zebra = 360
  9. Sperm Whale = 590 days
  10. Elephant = 640 days

and the Frilled Shark can have a pregnancy that lasts up to 3.5 years

So ---- 100 Federal St [both long and heavy] ===== ????

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I like it. We should be nicknaming all of our building, just like the Londoners.

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