Kindly tow truck driver stops traffic after man gets onto turnpike in his wheelchair

WHDH reports on an incident in which a man in a wheelchair wheeled himself down a ramp to the Pru tunnel around 8 this morning.



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This tow truck driver's

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This tow truck driver's actions just brought a tear to my eye... he possibly just saved the man in the wheelchair's life. Well done, sir!


I think i have seen this guy

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I think i have seen this guy in the middle of the street a few times. Called 911 on a real cold day.

If it's who I think it is...

...he is often seen around the neighborhood, wheeling himself -- usually backwards -- in the middle of the street, oblivious to traffic and angrily contemptuous of offers to help. He appears to have mental issues, but he's long been a hazard to himself and others. He was lucky to be rescued this time by such a wonderful Samaritan, but hopefully the authorities can find a permanent solution.



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We need to give him a name and set up a facebook page for him.

Why? For your amusement? The guy has some issues, so you're going to hang a name on him and set up a Facebook page for laughs?

Wondering if it's the same

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Wondering if it's the same guy who came down wrong-way into a closed tunnel ramp work zone on I-93 one night last week. Two state troopers had to roll him out.

Some of the homeless camp down in the Pru - the other direction, off of the Copley exit ramp.