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King Canute would have just walked away from Morrissey Boulevard

DCR reports Morrissey Boulevard is shut southbound at UMass due to, of course, flooding, from the nor'easter-whipped high tide.




Won't the tide hit the northbound lanes first?

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Not necessarily.

South of UMass, there's a bit where Malibu Beach is on one side of Morrissey and Dorchester Bay on the other. Water frequently impacts the south bound side first at this stretch, because the Dorchester Bay side has some tide control features and Malibu does not.

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There are long-range plans to raise the height of Morrissey from the draw bridge to near Umass but that remains a back-burner project since the broader issue of rising oceans is also a concern. That said... raising the level of the street a decent 10-feet or more would help. When (and if) that project ever starts, Morrissey would be limited to one lane at a time between the draw bridge and Umass. Enjoy!

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I tried looking up "flood mitigation Malibu Beach Dorchester" and this Daily Mail article came up re: the school teacher and her students who were attacked by Mark Wahlberg:


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