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Lightning hits Hub

Lightning hits Back Bay

Around 5:40 p.m. Sheila watched lightning strike.

Matthew Ireland got some video:

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We drove in this morning, left around 5:15 and got caught under the Lenticular Lightning Cloud of Doom on I-93.

It started with an amazing lightning show appetizer on the Zakim as the mothership of lightning hove over, followed by the Car Wash of Great Concern. Through it all, the ENCORE! sign shone like a beacon of desperation as we navigated the flash flooding on the elevated structure.

Completely surreal. Totally amazing. 10/10! Would do again.

I realized that the dash cam was getting all of it - my man may send video shortly, scrubbed of the "did our offspring make it home yet better check HOLYSHITBATMAN wowdidyouseeTHAT!" commentary.

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Lenticular clouds have nothing to do with storms.

I gotta check my dashcam video too. I was heading inbound through the Alewife/Fresh Pond area, seemingly completely surrounded by lightning before the rain hit. The radar seemed to indicate a mild downburst, makes sense considering the way the rain came all at once along with some wind.

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I know I should have checked with the Cloud Appreciation Society. It was definitely surrounding us with lightning ... then suddenly very fat raindrops ... then it was a complete car wash effect.

Saw some amazing quilted clouds this morning.

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I was on the #1 bus near Hynes around the same time as this. We saw a bright flash of lightning almost simultaneous with a LOUD clap of thunder. Whatever got hit must have been very close to us.

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It likely hit a tall structure in the area. Tall buildings have lightning rods, so this can happen with minimal damage - just a lot of drama.

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showed video on the 6pm newscast Wednesday showing a bolt hitting the antenna on the Pru, so that could have been it.

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Was that the one that nearly toasted my undies?

I was just emerging from the Tremont Street exit from the Boston Common garage when a big bolt hit something nearby. Simultaneous FLASH - BOOM. I didn't see where it hit, but it seemed like mere feet away.

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Thanks! fwiw the WHDH 7News 11pm broadcast also featured the video upfront in their lead story about severe weather. ( see 7News lead story )

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