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Limping West Roxbury coyote remains free, limping

A woman pushing two children in a stroller spotted the coyote this morning on Grayfield Avenue between Mt. Vernon and Houston streets, steered well clear and called police. Limpy has been prowling the neighborhood for months, has not seemed to bother any people, but has evaded capture and continued to limp in all that time.



He's clearly not doing poorly if he's been limping around this long. So long as he is still wary of people and not causing problems, why bother him?

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He may be suffering chronic pain from the broken leg that did not heal properly.

He may benefit from a checkup by a veterinarian at New England Wildlife in N Weymouth or Tufts in N Grafton, then when stabilized a relocation to a more rural area.

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Which is why they are trying to trap him already. However, he seems to be surviving quite well, and disruption can also cause animals great distress.

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"prowling"? Such a strong word for one of our well-known residents who just likes to occasionally take a quiet daylight stroll.

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There are only a few reasons to call the police on a coyote:


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