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Live Pride coverage

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"Pride was so much easier to avoid when it was just one day a year. Now that it’s the whole month of June (and beyond, does this horror go beyond?), you walk outside & there are giant rainbow signs in the Wells Fargo windows proclaiming their pride. Maybe for stealing your money?

"You walk into the grocery store, and all the liquor brands are proclaiming their pride. Outside, all the previously straight bars are now decorated with rainbow flags, and downtown you notice that all the glass above the awnings at Nordstrom is now rainbow.

"If only these businesses would tell us what they’re really proud of—Wells Fargo could say Proud of Displacement, liquor companies could say Proud of Addiction, straight bars could say Proud of Taking Your Money. Nordstrom could say Proud of Sweatshops, etc. Maybe for next year?"

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