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Lot that straddles Brighton/Brookline line would get four-story building on Brighton side, two single-family homes on Brookline side

Architect's rendering of proposed 249 Corey Rd. building

Architect's rendering.

A Brookline developer is proposing to raze the old Corey Hill Nursing Home at 249 Corey Rd. and put up a 35-unit residential building on the Brighton side of the property and two single-family homes on the Brookline side.

Developer Jeffrey Feuerman, who has worked on several projects in Brighton, filed his formal plans with the BPDA yesterday. The multi-story building would also have a garage with 34 parking spaces, as well as a roof deck. Five of the units would be either rented or sold as affordable. In total, the building would have 4 studios, 13 one-bedroom units and 18 two-bedroom units.

Feuerman is promising "robust" landscaping:

The densely planted landscape along the sidewalks provides a multi-layered planting design that is naturalistic in its composition and achieves year-long interest that changes through the seasons. ... The trees will be 100% New England native species that over time will establish a continuous forest canopy, provide valuable habitat and create a sustainable and appropriate buffer.

In addition to the BPDA, the Zoning Board of Appeal will have to approve the Boston side of the project.

249 Corey Rd. small-project review application (8.1M PDF).

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but Corey Road is already a shitshow. Adding more people to it is just going to make it worse.

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and what road isn't a shitshow already?

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How many people were in the nursing home, how many people worked there, how many visitors did they get every day, and how much parking did they have? Anyone?

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and passed it at least twice a day for 14 years - i can't remember ever seeing anyone going in or out of it. i was intrigued by that building the entire time because i always thought it was a terrible location for a nursing home because the adjacent streets are so steep it would prevent the residents from going on walks - even able bodied 20 year olds are sucking wind walking up that hill.

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Brookline oughta be upzoned. Sticking to single families in such a transit rich area is breathtakingly dumb.

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I think Brookline single family homes are lovely and what a wonderful place to raise a family. Could I afford one? No. However, one day I wouln't mind it! Not every city, town and neighborhood needs to be the same as the next.

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Building single family homes in a section that calls for density and is mass transit adjacent is not only WRONG it is an embarrassment and there is no good reason for it in this location other than the poor zoning that Brookline continues to perpetuate.

A town filled with people who are long on virtue signaling but very short on doing things that actually make a difference. This is a prime example of just that level of ignorance.

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While there's pretty much no good reason to build a single-family home in North Brookline (an truly ANYWHERE in Brookline), it's shamefully preposterous that any part of Brookline be zoned to ONLY Single Family.

This is not "historically consistent" with anything other than 1950s suburban-sprawl thinking. The vast majority of the housing stock predates these exclusionary zoning bylaws and some of the most desirable parts of town are built with housing forms made illegal due to height, lack of front or side setback, FAR, "too many units", or other such nonsense.

We Brookliners need to eliminate exclusionary zoning, end parking requirements, legalize the building of "missing middle' forms of housing, and banish the fear that occasional highrises will turn it into New York.

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I agree that there are some single family houses in the area, but if this apartment building is OK in Boston, it should be allowed to be OK as it crosses the line into Brookline. I wonder if they tried to get a variance?

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There are some single-family homes in that immediate area, many two/three family homes, and some apartment buildings.

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Most people don't.

Well more than half of Brookline housing is in 4+ unit buildings. Most "houses" are 2- and 3-family, not single family. Many of them also have an in-law in the basement.

Start counting units on Beacon Street one day. More people in Brookline live on Beacon Street than on the entire south side of Route 9.

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Rare to see the roots of our regional housing crisis laid so bare.

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Look at the shadow the new building casts on to Corey Road!
Am I the only person worried about this?

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There are not enough shadows and shade in the city. We need more. Direct sunlight on pavement is a bad thing for the environment.

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fuck....if you put balconies on the big square pig, then i guess it would just scream way to loudly PEOPLE LIVE HERE, and also, then the inhabitants might put out their laundry to dry. would that be as bad as the bland square pig? no of course not.

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Need to be done better. The people who live in these units are either neglected / harassed to the point where they don’t want to live there. Developers only include them because they have to, but they have no incentive to treat these tenants like the rest once they’re occupied

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I've never heard anything like this. Care to elaborate?

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Why can't they make their plan for a now very ugly-looking building look better? This drawing suggests it will look incredibly awful and will make the horrible-looking, tree-less and concrete-jungle Corey Rd stretch look even worse. I live only 2 blocks away and at least they could attempt to make them fit in with the other recent Comm Ave developments in the area, not that they're as nice as the older architecture. But the new plans are an eyesore at present, whether you like apartment buildings or houses. Uck.

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