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Man arrested for murder of Codman Square gas-station attendant in October

Boston Police report this time they're sure they have the man who murdered Jose Luis Phinn Williams as he worked at a Codman Square gas station on Oct. 5.

Working with the FBI and Canton Police, BPD officers today arrested Gregory Simmons, 26, of Dorchester for Williams' murder just a few days before he was to turn 68.

Police had initially arrested another Dorchester man for Williams' murder, but the DA's office dropped the charges against him in November.

Police say that in addition to murder, Simmons was charged with attempted armed robbery while masked and unlawful possession of a firearm. They say he is also facing armed-robbery charges in Stoughton District Court.

Innocent, etc.


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What was the motive? Do we know that yet? What possesses someone to murder a man in his late 60s working at a gas station?

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Could be many reasons. Stupidity, he could've got spooked, might have just wanted to do it,could've been an accident. Cuba was a good man he always treated the youth with respect. He's definitely missed by those in the codman/fields corner section. I actually know the 1st guy they thought did it

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