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Man gets busted lip from big mouth at North Station-area bar

So a guy walks into a bar, orders a beer, gets in the faces of some other patrons and then punches one in the face.

And then, a manager at Tavern on the Square on Beverly Street reports, he runs away.

The bar had to answer for the Dec. 20 incident at a Boston Licensing Board hearing today.

According to police and the bar manager, the guy entered the bar around 11 p.m., paid for one beer in cash, drank it, then tried to insert himself into a group of two women and one man, who did not appear to appreciate his company. But rather than go back to the bar, he punched the man in the face.

Pretty much the bar's entire staff dropped what they were doing and got the guy out of the bar, the manager said. The guy then fled; bar staffers did not chase after him for fear of making the situation worse, the manager said.

The board decides Thursday whether the bar could have done anything to prevent the incident and, if so, whether it merits any sort of punishment.

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But they should have called the cops.

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before the Licensing Board.

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Sometimes an asshole is just an asshole. What could the bar have done and why is this even an issue. The bar can't physically detain someone, time for a licensing board overhaul. This is such a waste of time and tax dollars.

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Seems like the most the Licensing Board can do is look into whether the bar provided over-service to an obviously intoxicated person?

Some of Boston's enforcement of liquor laws is just so bizarre to me. Like bars that don't accept valid Massachusetts ID cards but accept Massachusetts Liquor ID cards. I'm teetotal and I still find MA liquor laws to be so strange sometimes.

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The guy should have lightened up a little and appreciated an effective cock-block. No need for to punch the dude for it.

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... is that we're dragging bar owners into hearings over petty shit like this that's beyond their control.

There's one main course of action here -- raise prices and hope that richer customers are better behaved. I think this explains at least a bit of why the bar situation in MA is the way it is, and why there's resistance to things that would make regularly patronizing bars more accessible, like bringing back happy hour.

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Remember this from a few weeks ago?? I understand that the cover and the booze prices aren't cheap at this particular venue:


In case you don't feel like clicking through, here's the lowlight:

Manager at waterfront club loses job after he let guy who'd just sexually attacked a server stay for more drinks with his pals

By adamg on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 12:23pm

When a server at the Grand on Northern Avenue reported that one of the men at a table she was hosting had grabbed her buttocks and inserted a finger in her, her manager did not call the police or even kick them out. Instead, police detectives testified today - and the club acknowledged - the man said he would give the men "another chance" and let them stay and enjoy the Grey Goose vodka they'd ordered...

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Douchebaggery knows no bounds, social, economic, or otherwise.

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I read it as a guy with a big mouth got a fat lip because of it.

Would have been more satisfying it that were the case.

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Why is "Glass Slipper" freetagged on this story?

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A friend of mine from high school was working at the CVS in Longwood Medical Area. A man stole diapers, formula and a bunch of other products from the store. A manager went outside to confront the man. My friend goes and helps the manager. My friends throat was slashed and he died on the scene. You don't go chasing that man because you don't know what he will do for his freedom. Good on the staff for not chasing him.

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