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The mark on Jeff Perry's record as Wareham Police officer

-On May 22, 1991, as the superior officer at a purported crime scene in Wareham, Sgt. Perry was present when Officer Scott Flanagan indecently strip searched and assaulted a 14-year-old girl

-At said time and place, Sgt. Perry was in a position to both see Flanagan's conduct and to hear the girl's loud protestations.

-There is no evidence that Perry ever reported Flanagan for his conduct with the 14-year-old girl, reprimanded him, disciplined him or took any other steps to correct him for that conduct.

-On December 31, 1992, Officer Flanagan again indecently strip searched a teenage girl, behind the Tedeschi mini-mart, while he was alone on patrol in Wareham.

-This incident was interrupted by a disinterested adult witness who lived in a nearby house and came out to ask what Flanagan was doing there with the teenage girl.

-After speaking with the witness, Flanagan returned to the still half-naked girl and threatened to make things very hard on her if she reported his conduct. He then told the girl to leave.

-Sgt. Jeffrey Perry was not present or anywhere near the Tedeschi mini-mart when Flanagan violated the 16-year-old girl's civil rights.

-Later that evening, Sgt. Perry accompanied Officer Flanagan to the girl's house where he, Perry, told the girl's parents that both he and Flanagan had caught the girl in possession of an oregano like substance they suspected of being marijuana.

-Sgt. Perry threatened the girl's parents that she could lose her driver's license and possibly be sent to jail for five years if the substance turned out to be marijuana.

-Sgt. Perry also told the girl's parents that she had voluntarily pulled down her underpants in front of both Flanagan and himself.

-Perry's visit to the girl's parents, in an obvious attempt to cover up for Flanagan's misconduct, was not reported to any superior officer and was not authorized by his superiors.

-The next day, January 1, 1993, Wareham Police Captain Paul Cardalino received a call from a Bourne police officer who knew the girl's parents, complaining about Flanagan and Perry's visit to their home.

-Cardalino questioned Flanagan and Perry who both confirmed what Perry had told the girl's parents. Cardalino told both of them to file written reports confirming what they said, and they both did so.

-Shortly thereafter, the disinterested witness who had interrupted Flanagan's strip search of the teenage girl on New Year's Eve spoke with Cardalino about the incident, and Cardalino then put Flanagan on administrative leave, and initiated an internal investigation.

-The girl's parents filed a criminal complaint against Flanagan in Wareham District Court based on his strip search of their teenage daughter.

-Five day's later, the incident came to the attention of Police Chief Thomas Joyce for the first time, when he learned about the criminal complaint filed in the District Court against Flanagan.

-Chief Joyce spoke with Captain Cardalino and two Lieutenants in the Department and they then contacted the Town Administrator recommending that Flanagan be terminated.

-About a week later, after a closed hearing in which both Flanagan and the civilian witness testified, the Town Administrator fired Officer Flanagan based on the incident of December 31, 1992.

-Shortly thereafter, the Massachusetts State Police, CPAC, began a comprehensive investigation into Flanagan's misconduct, which resulted in several indictments being handed up in Plymouth Superior Court on May 17, 1993, pertaining to both the May 22, 1991, incident and the December 31, 1992, incident.

-Less than three weeks later, on June 3, 1993, Sgt. Jeffrey Perry submitted his resignation from the Wareham Police Department, effective June 27, 1993, at the end of the Town's fiscal year.

-In November 1993, Scott Flanagan pled guilty to all counts involving the two girls, and was sentenced to four years in the Plymouth County House of Correction.

-The two girls both filed separate civil rights lawsuits in the United States District Court in Boston, naming both Flanagan and Perry as defendants, along with the Town of Wareham and others, based on the Town's policy of "deliberate indifference" toward Flanagan's conduct, as carried out by Perry and others in the Department.

-In November 1995, the 16-year-old girl's lawsuit went to trial, resulting in a verdict in her favor in the amount of $50,000, in which the jury expressly found that the Wareham Police Department had a policy of "deliberate indifference" that allowed Flanagan to engage in indecent misconduct with teenage girls. Her lawyer also claimed attorneys fees totaling $85,000.

-In February 1996, the 14-year-old girl's lawsuit was settled out of court, and the case was dismissed in March 1996.

excerpt from the Latimer on Law blog
CapeCodToday, May 14, 2010 by Richard Latimer in a post titled:
"Sergeant Jeffrey Davis Perry, Wareham, P.D. -The Rest Of The Story"

There's more, go read the whole thing .



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Based on "Sgt Jeffrey Perry, Wareham, P.D. - The Rest Of The Story"
CapeCodToday. read the whole thing

Jeff Perry was present and had a duty to protect the 14-year-old girl who Officer Scott Flanagan illegally strip searched and subsequently went to jail for so doing. Perry failed to protect her from a violation of her civil rights. (Lesson: Jeff Perry was a police officer with whom you could not trust your 14 year-old girl's safety and civil rights to.)

Jeff Perry had a duty to report Officer Scott Flanagan for illegally strip searching the 14-year-old girl. His failure to do so enabled Office Flanagan to do it again December 31, 1992 "behind the Tedeschi mini-mart" while "alone on patrol." Perry was not a witness to this second violation by officer of the law Scott Flanagan.

Jeff Perry lied to the second girl's parents in order to keep her quiet about what had happened "behind the Tedeschi mini-mart" and to protect the perpetrator, Officer Scott Flanagan. Not only did Jeff Perry not report Officer Flanagan, he helped him cover it up. Perry chose to protect his fellow officer from consequences of an egregious violation against a minor rather than perform his duty to protect the public and hold his fellow officer accountable for his actions.

In a civil suit against the Wareham Police Department by the parents of the girls who were illegally stripped searched, the parents proved the Wareham PD was "deliberately indifferent" and won their suit. This law suit was a direct result of Jeff Perry's failure to protect the first victim and failure to hold Officer Flanagan accountable for either illegal strip search, in fact, going so far as to intimidate the victims and their parents so that they would not seek redress.

MA-10 meet your candidate for US Congress Jeff Perry, Tea Party.

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The parents of the girl Flanagan abused on December 31, 1992, did not let themselves be intimidated by Perry's threats in the attempted cover-up. Instead, they contacted a friend on the Bourne police force who, the next day, called Wareham Police Captain Paul Cardalino about the incident. Cardalino then spoke with Flanagan who told him that the girl had voluntarily disrobed, just as Perry had told the parents the night before. Town of Wareham's Statement Of Facts For Submission To Jury, Nov. 8, 1995, No. 10-12. Then Cardalino spoke with Perry, who confirmed Flanagan's story. Id. at No. 13. Cardalino then directed them both to file written reports confirming what they did and said.


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  • Failed to stop or report a fellow police officer for illegally strip-searching young teenage girls, and then tried to cover that up;
  • Misrepresented his role in that scandal on his application for the state bar exam;
  • Tripped red lights to dishonestly bust motorists, according to his police chief;
  • Was reprimanded for not telling the truth about breaking his radar gun;
  • Advertised that he had a bachelor’s degree from a diploma mill with no faculty or accreditation, claiming, “I graduated with honors and a 3.8 grade point average.”


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This is right up Anonymous's alley. He/she gets to bash cops and Republicans in the same boring post. This was covered extensively in the primary without a comment by Anonymous. If he/she was really outraged then he/she would have commented then, but now that it is Republican vs Democrat it needs to be analyzed on UHub (not that I have a problem with it being disussed, and if true goes to his character).

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in a congressional district that is not mine, in a party -Republican- in which I find very few candidates share my values?

If the post was so boring, why did you continue to read it then decide "(not that I have a problem with it being disussed, and if true goes to his character)."

Most importantly, did you draw a conclusion about the merit of the "attacks" on Jeff Perry? If so, what conclusion - are they merited or not?

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That is where he went undergrad. Did he say at one point that he went to a diploma mill? Although Curry isn't one of the top schools in the country, it isn't a diploma mill. (There are worse diploma mills than Curry College)

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In bid for Congress, Perry silent on degree from reputed ‘diploma mill'

On his congressional campaign website, Jeffrey Perry makes no mention of a university degree that he listed front and center in his debut run for office in 2002 - the one from Columbia State University...

According to his campaign site, Perry has degrees from the New England School of Law, Curry College and Bristol Community College.

Not mentioned is Columbia State, from which he was "awarded a bachelor's degree in business administration with a minor in management," according to a cached version of his 2002 campaign website.

"I graduated with honors and a 3.8 grade point average," it reads.

Perry silent on degree from reputed ‘diploma mill’
Cape Code Today 8/12/10
read the whole thing

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But what I want to know is how he had a higher GPA at Curry than he did at Columbia State.

Apparently he "attended" Columbia State before Curry.

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In the press, we would become known as Diploma-ers.

This miniature scandal goes to his desire to pump up his credentials not realizing those particular credentials were worthless until he ran for national office. What does it say about how smart he is?

Give him credit for taking courses. I assume he did.

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You linked to Columbus State Community College in Ohio, which is a fully legitimate public two-year college. I don't see what it has to do with this subject at all.

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Apparently he found the wrong school with his Google search.

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It exists as a on-line diploma mill so its bound to have a URL unless everybody types in the IP address.

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... does not still exist.

it was closed by a court order in 1998.

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So the girl who was strip searched behind a Tedeschi at age 16 got $50,000, but her lawyer got $85,000?


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(b) Evidence Of The Victims' Injury & Damage

Flanagan's indecent conduct, with Perry's knowledge and/or assistance was a clear violation of the civil rights of two vulnerable, young teenage girls. Such conduct was calculated to cause, and did cause serious emotional distress, both immediately for Flanagan's perverse gratification and over the long term. A witness to the incident of May 22, 1991, described to the State Police how the 14-year-old girl was crying while Flanagan was groping her, in Perry's presence. That girl's counselor described at deposition how the incident affected her as well, as described by her mother, coming home after the incident screaming, disoriented and acting "out of her mind." Deposition of Carol Blanchard, September 29, 1995.

Latimer on Law, CapeCodToday, 5/14/10 by Richard Latimer
"Sergeant Jeffrey Davis Perry, Wareham, P.D. -The Rest Of The Story" | link

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Jeff Perry sided with the criminal who spent four years in jail, and he sided against the two teen age girls - 14 and 16 - who his partner (Jeff Perry was a cop) illegally strip searched.

Perry was there the first time and could have stopped it: He didn't. Nor did he report it. He was derelict in his duty as an officer of the law.

The second time he wasn't there but he told the girl's parents he was there and tried to intimidate them not to complain or take action saying the girl would be busted for pot and that she voluntarily took pulled her underpants down. Jeff Perry is an accessory to a crime, a cop who perpetrated a cover-up, and a cop who abused the authority and public trust.

His partner plead guilty and served 4 years in prison. Jeff Perry resigned from the job, and yet had no accountability, paid no price, for his egregious betrayal and oath to protect and serve.

Jeff Perry abused the power of his position to further and to conceal an unethical, immoral and illegal sexual abuse of two minor girls.

This guy is a f*cking scumbag and I don't care how long its been.

If you've ever had kids, you could not possibly know this story and vote for Jeff Perry.

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