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Maybe the Star Market ran out of chicken salad?

Roche Bros. delivery truck at Star Market in West Roxbury

Roving UHub photographer Mary Ellen spotted an odd thing in the parking lot of the Star Market on Spring Street in West Roxbury this morning: A home-delivery van from rival Roche Bros. at the other end of Centre Street.

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roche bros food is no better than the food at star/shaws, but it makes sense why they are so much more expensive -- they have to put a premium on the food they source from star to turn a profit!

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Wegmans > Roche Bros > stop n shop > star > market basket > Village market (trash)

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When Magoo goes to Rochees Magoo becomes Magoo-bunny because Rochees has yummy salad bars. When Magoo goes to Texas Roadhouse Magoo becomes Magoo-alligator because Texas Roadhouse has yummy steaks. Magoo.

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Probably just a worker stopping to get some lunch but yea lets call em out on the internet

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