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Merry Easter!

Easter stuff now on display at Melrose Shaw's

Andrew Applegate reports the Shaw's in Melrose wasted no time getting its Easter stocks out today - right next to the (discounted?) Christmas cards.

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my Molotov cocktails...

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The ultimate in Season Creep....

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Did they overlook Valentine's Day ?

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Local CVS was putting up valentines stuff, but Easter does have them beat....

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I used to be disgusted by this type of thing, but it has been going on for so long now it's not even the new normal, it's just normal. I spotted my first Christmas commercial of the season on TV about a week before Labor Day. Yet people still act surprised. The worst one was a sort of bullying commercial McDonald's was running that went something like "you may not be ready for the holiday season but it's HERE, so get used to it". If I didn't already hate their nauseating food I would have boycotted them.

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Stocking stuffers? Nahh, they would have been packaged and colored differently. Either they past expiration or they are the epitamy of commercial consumption .

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