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Tom Brady may be terrific, but government says there's only one 'Tom Terrific,' and he's not it

Associated Press reports that "Tom Terrific" is so closely tied to former Mets pitcher Tom Seaver that it could not possibly let Tom Brady trademark the phrase.

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How could either trademark "Tom Terrific?" It goes back before the both of 'em.

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I remember this (and his nemesis, Crabby Appleton, which was our unkind nickname for our neighbor who didn't like us walking too close to his house).

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The Mighty Manfred, the dog.

Of course there was also Mr. Terrific a short-lived TV series back in the Batman TV series days. (Not to be confused with the character of the same name in comic books)

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The point was that Brady had no grounds to do so.

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It was more that the Patent and Trademark Office took note of the howls of outrage of Mets fans.

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