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Movie producer seeks fake Keytar Bear

Yes, it has come to this: Eric Casey reports an alleged "major motion picture" is seeking somebody to play our local musician: "Must have keytar and bear costume."

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Are we sure they are looking for a fake one? I mean, "Must have keytar and bear costume" kinda reads like one of those hyper-specific job ads that get placed when they already have a person in mind but need to post an ad to meet regulations.

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Is the bear with the keytar SAG or is he himself a scab? Hire union! Make the bear pay the dues!

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he'd be hired under a Taft-Hartley waiver since he was specifically hired for his skills as a keytar playing guy in a bear costume, so he'd be paid as if he were a union member for this project

these are just guidelines though and producers can and do work out deals with local SAG offices

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If were being authentic they should include "not required to know how to play said keytar."

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Keytar Bear plays his keytar very well. A bit loud for my taste but the music is good. Far better than the boom-boom crap that is blasted out of cars on the street.

If you don't like Keytar Bear's playing then shut up. By the way, drop the pretentious use of the word "said." Are you a 19th British lawyer bannister wearing his white whig and opining about matters of obscure maritime law?

Come down to Earth Suzie.

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The allegation is that he doesn't "play" anything other than pressing play and waving his hand around the keys.

This hardly seems worth telling someone to shut up and comparing them to both a 19th century lawyer and "Suzie," but hey, defend the honor of your favorite street performers in whatever manner you see fit.

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My guess as to why they don't just hire the actual man is because he probably would not be receptive to portraying himself in a disparaging light. Or maybe there isn't really going to be a movie at all and somebody is playing the process server's long game to save a little foot work ?

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I hope nobody would be so dishonorable as to take that role. Except of course the genuine article.

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Weird they wouldn't pay keytar bear to be in the movie... and kind of shady.

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... appropriate our accents. Now they want our bear?

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The various assaults the poor guy has experienced, a fake would be best...

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How many other fake bears are there in the woods? Is Letterman's "guy in a bear suit" still around?

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Do fake bears play Keytar in the woods? (...with the pope?)

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