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Franklin Line train gives up the ghost; so riders' commute is now toast

Onboard a darkened, dead Needham Line train near Ruggles

At 8:42 a.m., Lauren P G reported from a dead, dark Needham Line train - which was stuck behind an even deader Franklin Line train:

Needham Line stuck outside of ruggles. 35 minutes late and counting on overcrowded train cars.

She adds:

No lights, no air, but I get to pay 25 dollars more for this soon. Yay! /s



the worst part besides the a/c being off, was realizing that the tunnel we had been stuck in was the tunnel to Ruggles and not Back Bay. I hadn't been paying attention when we stopped since I get off at South Station.

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These problems abound. The 5:48 AM from Rockport this morning was cancelled. Apparently it was parked in Rockport broken - apparently at least overnight, though perhaps since Friday evening - and the fairies failed to magically fix it so there it sat, dead, taking up the tracks in the station. (This happens not infrequently. Dead trains parked in the lot for a weekend with the apparent hope that this train, this time, is the Chosen One and will resurrect itself, or something.)

So the late passengers and the 6:30 inbound riders had to hoist themselves aboard the waiting train set - the one that's a walk across a gravel parking lot for trains not in service. At least a stool was present, though no staff members were in sight. No word on what the plan was for anyone needing ADA assistance. The space between the stool and the bottom step was 2 - 3 feet.

With two trains combined into one we chugged into Boston, no longer express, with passengers stuffed, standing, into the vestibules. The conductor literally gave passengers advice on not falling out of the train. Of course, she couldn't collect fares - no room to move through the train without literally pushing someone out the door.

But sure...we need ticket checkers at the doors at North Station every night, plus 3+ transit policemen, plus a substantial fare increase in two months.

May humbly suggest we stop voting in the fools who set the T's budget and policies?

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