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New Chinatown pedestrian plaza nearing completion

Tactical plaza nearing completion on Harrison Avenue at Essex Street in Chinatown

Brad Squirrels photographed a new "tactical plaza" about to open on Essex Street at Harrison Avenue in Chinatown.

The plaza is part of the city's tactical plaza effort to install and test plazas aimed at reclaiming road space for pedestrians, in this case, "a reclaiming of an overly-wide street in Chinatown, that will create a new iconic entrance to the neighborhood."



Liberty Square could use one of these.

Looks great! Now to get the city to commit the funds to build these plazas out permanently.


Heard through a friend in the advocacy community that Liberty will get one. Not sure when. They did a tactical one with road blocks and temp tables / chairs a few weeks ago for a few hours.

Another one of these exists on Franklin Street by Arch. I haven't really seen it in use much yet but I also don't tend to be downtown during business hours.


Around lunchtime, yes it indeed gets a lot of use! It could use MORE tables and chairs actually.


Beep bop boodip bing bing. Magoo feels like Magoo is The Mushroom Kingdom. Magoo shall save Princess Peach from the evil Bowzer with the help of Luigi and Toad. Magoo.


Looks like a walkway to an aquarium geared towards toddlers.


You say that like it's a bad thing.

Looks good! There is so much extra pavement here. A tactical plaza makes total sense! I hope it continues down to Beach St as initially envisioned!


Just what this spot needed; that's such an unecessary piece of street. Looking forward to going!


... of a new luxury condo conversion makes me skeptical. The colors are jarring but if the proposed bike lanes and extension down to Beach St are installed too, I’ll dismiss my skepticism.


Who designed this, Dr. Seuss?

Who understands how stupid driver are.

The point is to be fun, vibrant and scream NO YOU CANNOT DRIVE HERE STUPID!

Looks great! Give the land back to the people.

So many of the walkways and greenways (ahem) are in the glaring sun with almost nowhere to sit in the shade. The shade probably moves depending on the time of day but it's nice to see that there is some time when there is some respite from it.

I walked by this plaza today around 1:30, a beautiful day to enjoy the fresh air. Anyway it was completely empty outside of some trash on the ground.