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New source of light for beer hall in Roslindale substation

Windows going in at Rosslindale substation

Workers have been busy this week installing a $30,000 set of glass panes to replace the plywood boards that long blocked light from getting into the front of the old trolley substation at Washington Street and Cummins Highway in Roslindale Square.

Turtle Swamp Brewing of Jamaica Plain, which had been operating a winter beer hall inside the cavernous brick structure, is planning a Sept. 14 inauguration of its new, permanent Roslindale beer hall there, after the Zoning Board of Appeals gave its approval.

A grant is paying for installation of the panes.



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Turtle Swamp doesn't offer a lite beer.

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The place will get a lot of sun.

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This joke is in pour taste.

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I'm sorry you're not hoppy about it.

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I wonder if this new window will reduce the drafts in the building.

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